Are you finding it hard to sit with your emotions? 
Do you want to learn how to release energy from your body?
Curious about how to heal from your emotional blocks?

Do you feel...


Together we will...


Find stillness with a guided meditation and learn how to apply healing hand positions that allow our bodies to speak.


Face the resistance, and finding the comfort within the discomfort. We will move the emotion and energetic blocks with intentions and breath.


This is just the start or your journey. You will learn how to incorporate these techniques in your own self-care practice


Access to Recording
30-minute Guided Self Healing
Affirmations for Continued Self Healing

Example Curriculum

  Release & Heal
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"Cat did a wonderful job at creating a safe space for all of us to go within and discover our emotions. Her guided healing and release session brought some insights that I really didn’t expect and gave us something to discover further. I will definitely go back to her guided session as a tool and use it for more healing and self-discovery. Cat’s warm and calm presence made me feel loved, safe and encouraging❤️ can highly recommend Cat to anyone who is dealing with unresolved emotions or who needs help with getting to know themselves better."

-- Naza, Release & Heal Student, Finland

Cat has a warm and welcoming energy, and she has created a safe space for us in this masterclass for us to be open and honest about our thoughts and emotions. This Masterclass has given me more insight into how to process my emotions, and the importance of understanding these emotions to learn more about myself and what I need. It will greatly benefit people who want to work on self-love and self-care, and those going through a trying period in their lives. 

--Claire, Release & Heal Student, Australia